External Links

1. Government of India Portal   www.india.gov.in
2. Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Govt. of India   www.panchayat. nic.in
3. Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India   www.urbanindia.nic.in
4. Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India   www.rural.nic.in
5. Dep. of Rural Development, Govt. of India   www.drd.nic.in
6. Census of India , Official   website   www.censusindia.net
7. Government of Kerala   www.kerala.gov.in
8. Local Self Government department   www.lsg.kerala.gov.in
9. Kerala State  Planning Board   www.spb.kerala.gov.in
10. Information Kerala  Mission   www.ikm.gov.in

11. Kerala Information Technology Mission   www.keralaitmission.org
12. Town  Planning department   www.townplanning.kerala.gov.in
13. LSGD -Engineering Wing   www.celsgd.com
14. KILA   www.kilaonline.org
15. Kudumbashree   www.kudumbashree.org
16. Akshaya - Gateway of opportunities   www.akshaya.kerala.gov.in
17. SuchitwaMission   www.sanitation.kerala.gov.in
18. State Election  Commission   www.electionker.org
19. Ombudsman   www.ombud smanlsgiker.gov.in

20. Local Self Government Department :www.lsgkerala.gov.in


21. Directorate of Urban Affairs :   www.urbanaffairskerala.org